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It’s inevitable for Michele Ferri to deal with an intimate reflexion, as if, after sifting through images, narratives and concepts we recover and we retain only a few synthetic particulars, details not at all marginal. Extreme totems, interior environments, instinctive graphic signes, that define structures always characterized to a dry formal elegance, with refined surfaces, inviting to the touch. In the paintings, perfectly balanced layouts that attract and involve. Ferri persistently investigates the con- cept of home, reducing it to an extreme essence that condenses by expanding in minimal, intimate and reassuring structures.

Sebastiano Simonini

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I like basic houses, shells that are understandable for basic needs. Symple enough to find what is inside and see outside. This is Michele Ferri’s houses: solid measurable spaces, walls which bear the marks of scratches of the time and the hands they have touched. Some houses are also fitted with wheels, caravans nomades, that arise from a precise flavour of toys in childhood. (…)

Where the two-dimensionality prevails, traces and pattern that draws transform these blocks of trapezoidal shaped into places half-way between the real and the imaginary.
It is unusual that volume and two-dimensionality coexist but here, sculptures or paintings manifest themselves, as clear marks of an aesthetic experience, a condition in which senses and mind are a single thing/home. And in spaces like this, it’s nice to live.

Emanuela Genesio

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These constructions of Ferri express the desire to move, holding tight to himself the house with its symbolic values: you by the texte of can put own roots in a place and then decide to migrate, to cross borders, in the perennial search of something that would give meaning to live. But perhaps, in the end it will prove to be “Neverland” of Peter Pan.

This nomadic being would be less dfficult if we could carry whit us the “baggage of memories” that the house simbolyzed and encloses. Perhaps, these houses of dreams and mysteries of Ferri are related to the distant memory of chilhood: those colorfull wooden toys on wheels that the chil- dren pulled behind them tied to a rope, proud to hold on something that could not be stolen them and that they could lead towards the selected destination. Ferri holds his works on the thread of a constructive and chromatic wisdom that reconciles the art with its eternal possibilities to move imaginary, to be both, poetry slight and deep thought.

Sandro Parmiggiani

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